Our homeless neighbors are part of our community.

By taking the Pledge, businesses can help strengthen the community one small gesture at a time.

According to the latest One Night Count, on any given day, there are ~2,800 people in Seattle without shelter. That’s 2,800 people without easy access to a many things that we all can take for granted – such as restrooms, telephones, a warm/cold drink, or even a meal.

The Pledge is simple: 


Businesses choose to do what they feel comfortable doing to help out. It could be offering a water, a coffee, a bathroom break – whatever they feel they can offer.


They put up stickers declaring that they took The Pledge and showing what they have to offer.


Every once and a while, they will get the chance to make a person’s day brighter.

It’s that easy, and this small gesture goes a long way toward helping a lot of people.

Are you a business owner looking to participate? Take the Pledge.

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