Seattle businesses helping homeless neighbors

Strengthening our community one small gesture at a time.

Participating Businesses

Our network of of local businesses offering open doors to homeless neighbors

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You can make a difference.

Small businesses are anchors for our neighborhoods and our homeless neighbors could benefit from your generosity.

See how it works
The Pledge is innovative because it is simple:

Offer something.
Help someone.

According to the latest Count Us In findings, on any given day, there are close to 8,000 people in Seattle without a place to call home. That’s approximately 8,000 people without easy access to a many things that we all can take for granted.

Take The Pledge
Offer something.

Help others by offering what you can – a free coffee/water, a phone call, a snack, etc.

Help someone.

Put a sticker up to let folks know what you offer and then offer it. It’s that easy and it can help make a person’s day better.







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